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Car Insurance Policy for corporate companies, Individuals and Families.

Get Quote for car insurance and buy the car insurance at the best price. Our Car insurance providers advise you the best car insurance coverage policy to best suit your car and the budget.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Complete insurance protection for your car and to cover third-party claims. Comprehensive car insurance shall be customized for the comfortability of the insurance policyholder.

Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Cheap motor insurance covers personal injury and property damage liabilities to third parties in the event of an accident. Third party insurance coverage is the minimum mandatory requirement in the UAE for Third Party Liability.


What are the documents required to submit for renewing a Car insurance policy?

  1. Passport copy of the driver
  2. Emirates ID copy
  3. Car Registration copy
  4. Driver Car License

How to apply for a car insurance policy on

Submit Quote for Car Insurance with all Driver information and car registration copy, multiple providers shall quote the best price. Choose the best Car insurance quote from the provider.