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Health Insurance Plans United Arab Emirates.

Affordable Health Insurance plans for Individuals, Small & Medium Businesses, chat with our service providers and get the best custom offer or choose from the plan. Dubai Health insurance for individuals and gets the best Plan for your Family. Affordable Premiums plans and Wide Range of Coverage from multiple service providers. Medical insurance plan covers from Clinic visits to a general doctor in the UAE, in-patient treatments in the UAE. Emergency medical treatments or hospitalization, Diagnostic tests, Maternity is covered based on your choice plans. Insurance service providers offer basic insurance plans, comprehensive insurance and international medical coverage plans. Book health insurance service for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and northern emirates with opseon service providers and get the document ready by e-delivery.


Can I book insurance service from

Yes, chat with our service providers. They offer plans based on your requirements.

Who is the health authority for Dubai?

The Dubai Health Authority -DHA is a government organization overseeing the health system of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How can I get health insurance in Dubai?

Choose an insurance plan from portal and chat with a service provider, he can advise you of the insurance plan and medical benefits of plans for you to choose and book service with opseon.

What is in-patient?

In-patient who is admitted in the clinic/hospital.

What is a referral letter from a GP doctor?

Some insurance plans require a referral letter from a GP to consult specialized doctors.

How much does it cost to get medical insurance?

Based on Basic insurance or comprehensive insurance plans. Basic plan starts at AED800+ and Comprehensive plan starts from AED4500+, the figures are estimated and based on your providers and medical facility requirements the price may change.

Is health insurance mandatory in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai health insurance is mandatory for employment.

What is copayment in insurance plans?

Copayment is a feature of health insurance plans. Insurance companies use copayments to share health care costs. Copay is a fixed amount paid by an insured for covered services.

What are the documents required to submit for renewing a Car insurance policy?

  1. Passport copy of the driver
  2. Emirates ID copy
  3. Car Registration copy
  4. Driver Car License

How to apply for a car insurance policy on

Submit Quote for Car Insurance with all Driver information and car registration copy, multiple providers shall quote the best price. Choose the best Car insurance quote from the provider.