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Delivery in : 24 Hrs

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COVID‑19 PCR test booking required 24 hrs in advance. PCR booking time is between 9:00-17:00. Submit PCR test appointment, we can prepare in advance for your PCR test. VIP service shall be provided for Opseon customers..

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NMC Specialty Hospital

Member: January 2022



  • PCR Test

NMC Healthcare is the largest private healthcare company in the UAE. Over the last 46 years, NMC has earned the trust of millions, thanks to its personalized care, genuine concern and a sincere commitment to the overall well-being of the communities it serves.  Before going for delisting in April 2020, NMC had enjoyed recognition as the first company from Abu Dhabi to list on the London Stock Exchange and be a part of the premium FTSE 100 Index, an elite club of top 100 blue-chip companies by market cap.

Required Documents
  •  Passport Copy or Emirate ID